Sustainable East has a dual meaning.

The name originated as an ode to the medium density dwelling mix and urban form demonstrated in the Eastern Beaches of Sydney. Living in this area for many years has driven Liam’s passion to promote the low rise, high density model to other Australian cities to enable growth without changing an area’s character.

The name has evolved to encompass the planning and infrastructure challenge of the eastward shift of global growth. Sustainable East acknowledges the importance of the Asian Century and the infrastructure and land use planning challenges and opportunities this brings to Australia.

The Asian Century scenario extends Asia’s past success into the future, putting it on the cusp of a historic transformation.

In this scenario, Asia’s GDP (at market exchange rates) increases from $17 trillion in 2010 to $174 trillion in 2050, or half of global GDP, similar to its share of the global population.
— Asian Development Bank - Asia 2050: Realising the Asian Century