Quick Overview

Sustainable East is a specialist consulting practice founded in 2019 focussing on the nexus between land use planning, spatial data and economics.

With regard to our specilaisation, Sustainable East has a specific commitment to focus on the sustainability of our built and natural environment.

Our approach:

  • NIMBLE We’re small and emerging and as a result can be flexible regarding project tasks, timing, engagements and we’re competitive on price;

  • TECH We try and implement as much data analysis and spatial tech into our work as we can as maps tell stories and data confirms their truth!

  • SUSTAINABLE Our name invokes the fact that we care about the health of the environment and we want to support project outcomes which deliver a positive environmental impact.

  • PUBLIC We support vibrant communities and as such push policy that promotes best practice urban design, public domain improvements, value of cultural assets and equitable infrastructure.

  • PRACTICAL We’re practical and understand the challenge of balancing competing agendas and as such ensure our work speaks plain English and makes clear recommendations!